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FBS, Week 5, 2016

If you've been following the last year, you're aware there's been a pretty massive split in performance between the NFL and FBS models, with college games doing badly while the NFL games are killing it.

In the hope of correcting that split, I'm trying to bring the NFL QB model into FBS play. That's a pretty tricky proposition simply because starting college QBs have the survival rate of goldfish from the fair. It's a very thin data set, unless you happen to stumble upon an actual four-year starter.

Anyhoo . . . to the picks . . .

Marshall +14+105

Baylor -19+130

Florida -10+101

Michigan State -9+132

Penn State -4+131

Northwestern +12+103

Oregon State +17+121

Duke -6+115

Colorado State -9+130

Cincinnati U +3.5+110

Georgia Tech +7+103

Clemson -1+107

Georgia ML